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Ohio Percheron Breeders Association

40309 SR 39
Wellsville, OH 43968

MEMBERS PLEASE HELP! We are currently developing a new website; it will contain a much better membership list, calendar of events, futurity information, and information about our association and the percheron horse among other things. If you have any suggestions about content or photos you would like us to consider for use in developing our new website please email me Gary Rowe at

The Ohio Percheron Breeders Association's goal is to promote interest in breeding, showing and marketing Percheron horses through the education of our youth and adults alike. After all, Ohio is the heart of the Percheron breed.

Ohio is the state with the most Percheron registrations, most memberships in the Percheron association and houses the Percheron Association National Office in Fredericktown, Ohio.


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The Percheron draft horse is the most versatile of the draft breeds for work, show, ride and play. They are known for being athletic,willing workers and have lack of feathering. You will find the Percheron to be either black, gray or sorrel. The Percheron originally came from the district of La Perche in France and they are the only draft breed believed to have an Arabian influence. Please feel free to explore our page and learn more about this wonderful organization.


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