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Ohio Percheron Breeders Association Raffle


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John Deere GT 225 Garden Tractor

15 HP 42" Mower $4200 Value

Delivery available anywhere in the U.S.A.


Ohio Percherons is conducting this raffle to raise funds to help host the 2001 Percheron Association Annual Meeting.

Tickets $5 each or 5 for $20

Drawing will be held Oct. 27, 2001 at the National Meeting in Holmes County OH.

need not be present to win

All profits above the cost of the tractor and the annual meeting will be donated to 50% to the Educational Fund and 50% to the World Percheron Congress Fund.

Rather have cash?If your ticket is drawn and you mark the ticket to "auction the tractor" it will be auctioned off at the meeting and you will receive a check for the amount the tractor sells for.  

Rather get an upgraded model?If you would like a bigger model or any other piece of John Deere equipment, you could take the $4,200 value towards the purchase of whatever you want.

For additional tickets or further information, contact:

Cindy Sinn

3635 Davis Peck Rd.

Farmdale, OH 44417

(330) 876-5085

Bill Heston

5480 Yates Rd.

Salem, OH 44460

(330) 222-1809


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